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To Senate Construction, nothing is more important than ensuring the safety of our clients, employees, subcontractors, and the public. It is our belief that all accidents are preventable with proper planning, training, communication, and oversight. We pride ourselves on maintaining safe worksites and making accident prevention a core value and a crucial component of company policy.

Senate emphasizes a team approach to safety. Our formal safety program is managed by a safety committee that meets monthly. This group of industry experts focus on ensuring Senate Construction is a safe place to work and our jobs are a safe place to visit. Our safety training initiatives play a critical role in educating our teams about the importance of job site safety, fall protection, safety equipment usage, and other critical safety procedures. Our safety track record leads the industry and is a direct result of our commitment to training and supporting our people. All Senate field personnel are OSHA 10-hour, CPR, AED and First Aid trained. All Senate Construction job sites conduct regular Tool Box Talks and are inspected regularly by a qualified safety committee member.

Senate Construction expects the same attention to safety from all subcontractors and imposes a contractual obligation on each subcontractor to comply with existing safety regulations including all OSHA requirements, standards and regulations that have been or shall be promulgated by the agencies administering such acts. We require compliance by the subcontractor agents, employees, material suppliers, and subcontractors of any tier.

Here at Senate, we spare no expense when it comes to training our workforce. We subscribe to BLR Safety Training and BLR has been Named Best Workforce Training Solution by the SIIA. The BLR® Employee Training Center is both a web-based training platform and a source of professionally developed training courses for the workforce.

We have a reputation for safety excellence and are regularly recognized by the Massachusetts Chapter of the AGC with a Certificate of Commendation for Excellent Safety Records. Our efforts have earned an EMR rate well below the industry standard.