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Devens, Massachusetts

After successfully introducing a number of high-purity, fluid-conveying specialty products, Integra had outgrown its facilities in Bedford, Massachusetts. A new 30,000 square foot corporate headquarters building was needed to house offices, manufacturing, and distribution. The project also included the build-out of mezzanine office space for either expansion or for sub-lease to potential tenants.

Selection of Devens Industrial Park required a thorough site plan design that would allow for maximum use of the seven-acre site for either building expansion or for sub-division of some of the parcel for sale to others.  Integra’s major challenge was to complete the project – from local regulatory approvals to building occupancy – within a year after contracting Senate Construction.

In 2016, Senate returned to Integra to expand the existing structure to accommodate their growing operations. The 40,600 square foot addition includes 20,600 square feet of office space and 20,000 square feet of warehouse. Both spaces are Butler buildings but this project is unique in that the warehouse was pre-engineered and the office space was built conventionally. Senate’s team worked tirelessly in preconstruction to ensure the two structures would integrate seamlessly.